Andre Newman
Posted March 18, 2017 by Andre Newman
I started off with a little drum machine that I absolutely loved. It didn't have much to it but it was all we needed. I would make so many beats with that thing it was just insane. All my friends would all meat up at the spot, I would bring my recently made beats and everybody just loved to flow to them I was pretty good with sounds as I was raised on the beatles so I loved a good melody. Every Friday and Saturday night all the beat makers would bring there beat machines and we would battle are beats and rappers would battle there flows.

Do Some Mixing- Do this for each individual tract. Just see it that you don't distort any of them. So try to make this clean. It's safe also if you use instruments.

Some people don't wish to bother about great beats and all. They just want a beat maker free of cost so that they can just play with without worrying about anything else.

Load up a patch, any patch, that comes with your software or hardware. Your basic patch will most likely be just 8 sounds - 1-2 bass drums, 2-3 toms, and the rest will be snares, hi-hats, claps, or some variation. There might even be a cowbell. Hit your bass drum key at the beginning of each measure, or every four beats. Get a sense for the rhythm. Now hit it every beat, 4 times per measure - it's starting to sound like something! Now try alternating every other beat with a tom, snare, or hi-hat instead.

Ensure that the software vending website provides you a full video course. Those who haven't produced hip hop beats and loops previously might find it a little difficult to understand the basics of software crowded, which is why you should check to see if the software vending company provides a full training program.

But, don't think for one minute that you have to settle for a trimmed down version just because you're only starting out. Usability and a feature rich interface really can go together.

Most people who want to explore the depths of beat making do not have enough financial obligations to rent a band ensemble. Or even if they can buy a whole set of band instruments, they most probably would not be able to play all the instruments professionally. With beat making software crowded, you can get access to top notch sounds which are produced by premium instruments without the hefty costs.
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