Andre Newman
Posted March 19, 2017 by Andre Newman
The first thing that any hip hop artist needs are ideas. While this may sound obvious, it is important to remember that you cannot build an entire career around one beat or one song. Many artists look to the past for inspiration, and spend a great deal of time listening to the work of other artists. This is a great way to learn what works and what does not without investing in expensive classes or lessons. Take lessons from the great artists that came before you and find a way to make your beats your own.

When you begin shopping for the best beat software for the job, make sure you download software that produces broadcast quality tracks. Low quality MP3 sound files will not cut it. If you want people to use your beats as anything other than ringtones you need to make sure your music is studio quality.

The access online beat machine must have a ton of sound files to use. See if your beat producer has a good number of hi-hat, drum, keyboard and a store of numerous other sounds to work with.

Load up a patch, any patch, that comes with your software or hardware. Your basic patch will most likely be just 8 sounds - 1-2 bass drums, 2-3 toms, and the rest will be snares, hi-hats, claps, or some variation. There might even be a cowbell. Hit your bass drum key at the beginning of each measure, or every four beats. Get a sense for the rhythm. Now hit it every beat, 4 times per measure - it's starting to sound like something! Now try alternating every other beat with a tom, snare, or hi-hat instead.

The final way and the way that I believe is the best for any beginner getting started with access online is the Online Beat Maker. Now the access online beat maker is a program that you download on the computer and you use it to produce beats. I believe this is the best way because of the price and the ease of use. Whenever getting into Music Production you could spend a fortune on equipment and then not get anything out of it. With Online Beat makers you get the most bang for your buck. Secondly compared to setting up all your gear then learning how to use it Online beat maker are extremely easy to use and most of them have training videos included. So if you feel like when you get a Beat software you won't know how to do anything they will teach you.

Elder...lawd! Anyway, HHH has a weak support system. For instance, artists like Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary were rejected by the Christian community, then accepted, then supported. HHH artist were rejected by the Christian community, then accepted, but not supported. The reality is, it takes major support from our major leaders and large churches to push HHH forward. Artist like Da Truth, KJ-52, and Lecrae are perfect examples of artists who have gained this support and have made major stride with their ministry.

Some software will be specialized for distinct genres of music. This may or may not be to your preference since you may want to make beats for several genres of music. Keep in mind that beats for techno, hip hop and rap are the most popular sought genres for beat makers.
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