Andre Newman
Posted March 18, 2017 by Andre Newman

But what about the people that cant afford to pay out 500 bucks for fl studios or reason. The whole point of this article was to guide you to a brand new beat machine called dub turbo. Dub turbo is a game changer it only cost 30 dollars and can compete with all the big boys. Is dub turbo better then fl studios or reason and I would have to say no . But can you make just as good rap beats , hip hop beats with dub turbo and the answer is yes. A lot of my fellow simple beat maker makers are making just the craziest beats with it.

I know you used to be a Youth Pastor for 2 years, but you rather minister through music. Some don't consider it ministry unless you turn off the music and speak to the crowd, share you're thought on that!

They can't be effective when attacking artists within a song. They can make headlines and get other Christians to rally around their cause, but at the end of the day, the song will turn few from listening to the artists they attack. It will most likely fuel fan's dedication to the artist.

Lay down the beat - For beginners like you, always start with the drum beats. Apply Kick, Snare, Hi Hat to start up. And don't forget to record while you are trying these out so you will know how it goes later on and can do some polishing.

BK: Hardcore Boris started as a character I did at a music comedy show at Stand Up NY called Music is a Joke. I had been doing musical comedy for a while as far as mixing stand up and acoustic guitar songs and had been separately experimenting with hip hop and beats online offers. I've been a musician outside of comedy for a long time, have taught guitar for years matches beats together at a music academy, and play multiple instruments outside of that so I wasnt limited in being able to write full instrumental tracks for myself. Eventually I decided to fuse the two passions and as I wanted to make some comedic choices that I felt weren't entirely true to my own character, I established the exaggerated Hardcore Boris alter-ego.

A painter always wants to use the finest oil paints to create their masterpieces, right? The same applies to your instrument samples. Otherwise, it may wind up sounding like a wind-up toy.
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