Ladies and gentlemen: This isn't your mother or father's real estate market! While there are some similarities to past markets, the combination of politics, economics, finance, uncertainty, world affairs/events, interest rates, and insufficient predictability, have formed a somewhat-uneasy alliance, which, when understood and considered, have little ultimate impact, yet, all-too-often, produce a confluence of somewhat undesirable circumstances, which create stumbling blocks, obstacles, and obstructions. Perhaps more than ever, who you decide on, and why, to represent your interests, as your Real Estate Professional, includes a major impact, in attaining the most desirable goals. Before you decide on this interview, carefully consider your objectives and goals, in a reasonable, non-emotional manner. As opposed to merely saying you want to get the highest price, or some pie-in-the-sky number, ask yourself, what you might be willing to cover, to buy your house! Your agent should provide you with Comparables, or what similar houses, in your market, have recently sold for. This is the greatest indication of suggested listing prices, but remember that each house differs, and slight differences often overly impact exactly what a buyer is welling to cover, or if he is even interested. Let's review 5 major considerations in today's market.

1amlak1. Time period interest rates have now been at, or near historic lows: The past several years, interest rates, and thus mortgages, have already been at or near, historic lows. This has permitted people to purchase more house for the exact same monthly payment, the uncertainty continues to exist, regarding just how much longer they will remain so low. Most experts are calling for interest rates to nudge slightly upward in the next couple of months, nevertheless they issue the caveat, this will depend on the entire economic conditions.

2. Historically low ownership rate: Due to several factors, including the economy, housing costs (especially using areas), rental availabilities, the required downpayment (which many don't have, or don't desire to commit), and uncertainty, in terms of the economy, jobs, etc, the percentage of men and women owning their very own home is less than it has been doing decades.

3. Low inventory: Partly because of the demographics, when it comes to age groups, etc, and somewhat because many homeowners ask themselves where they are likely to move, as well as many individuals retiring later, we're witnessing, in several regions, a low inventory of homes listed on the market.

4. Willing and able buyers: There be seemingly available buyers, in a few regions, but these individuals, in many cases are annoyed by the mixture of low inventory, mortgage and downpayment obstacles, uncertainties, etc.

5. Mortgage qualifications: Banks and mortgage companies are constantly tweaking their requirements for accepting buyers for mortgage consideration. In the last a long period, to be able to qualify for the cheapest available rate, one's credit score must be somewhat greater than in the past, in addition to other debt considerations. While this is overcome, one must find the right buyer, with sufficient patience, energy and willingness, to overcome potential frustrations, etc.

Understanding the nuances makes one better capable of realistically listing their home for sale. Carefully interview potential property agents, and choose the one who's best for you!

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